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On Campus

From tram service schedules to how find to the best parking spot, this page is your one-stop source for all on-campus transportation information.

Campus Map

Use the campus map to get around campus or search for popular search terms. Also includes a Google clickable map with tram stops.

Campus Skateboarding Map

Use the campus skateboarding map to find information about bicycles and skateboards and where you can (and can’t) ride.

Campus Transportation

At the University of San Diego there are many on and off campus options available. The largest part of campus transportation is the USD Tram Service. The tram is free to all students, employees and visitors to the University. There are also stops for the on-campus Old Town Transit Center Tram Service located just west of Colachis Plaza and in front of Mother Rosalie Hill Hall.

There are also two Zip Cars on campus available to be rented by the hour.

Public Safety and Parking Services are also available to give rides if the need arises. You can contact the dispatcher at (619) 260-7777 to request a ride at anytime.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits can be purchased online through Parking Services.

  • Permit- You must display a valid USD parking permit at all times while parking on campus. Please ensure that the permit is properly displayed with the entire permit number visible at all times.
  • Area FULL- If your designated parking area is FULL, please park in the Main or the West Parking Structures. Do not park in an area that you are not designated to as this only contributes to parking congestion.
  • Do not park in USD VEHICLE ONLY spaces, TOW AWAY spaces, fire lanes (red curb), on the sidewalk, or taking up more than one space (tires crossing the line) at any time.
  • The Alcalá Vista parking lots and Camino/Founders parking areas are reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week for residents of those areas. Only vehicles with Alcalá Vista or Camino/Founder parking permits are allowed to park in these specific areas.
  • Only residents of the UTA's or PTA's are allowed to park in the lots next to these apartment complexes. Vehicles parked in these areas must have both a UTA/PTA sticker and a Resident Housing parking permit. The UTA/PTA stickers will be given out on a lottery basis and all residents are not guaranteed a sticker. The lottery will be completed based on residents who finish their room Condition Forms and Emergency Cards and turn them into their Resident Assistant. This sticker must be affixed to the front of the permit, but may not block the permit numbers.
    • You may also park in the Mission Parking Structure or the West Parking Structure/West Lot with a valid UTA/PTA permit. You may park on main campus after 7 p.m.
  • Posted signs- Please read all signs posted on cones and/or barricades before parking to ensure you don’t park in an area that is closed/reserved.
  • Time-restricted space- Loading zones and time-restricted spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may only park in these spaces/areas for the amount of time indicated on the space/area.