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Get Involved

Getting involved means embracing the opportunity to get the most out of your college experience. It’s finding your voice and leading by example. It’s lending a helping hand to those in need. It’s exploring the limitless possibilities provided by a dynamic campus environment. It’s connecting with fellow students who share your passion for learning and life. Get involved, and discover what it means to be a Torero.


Understanding what it takes to be a leader begins with learning about you. It’s finding your voice, building your confidence and developing your values. As a student at USD, you can choose from a wide range of leadership programs, trainings and group retreats that will help you find your place in the world — and ultimately, empower you to change it.

Student Government

USD’s Associated Students (AS) is a strong advocate for undergraduate student issues. Participating in AS and in the governing process is a rewarding way to develop as a leader. Other student government entities include the Graduate Student Council for graduate students, the Student Bar Association for law students and the Residence Hall Association for resident students.

Student Leadership and Involvement Center

The Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) is your hub for undergraduate involvement including Associated Students, Student Organizations, the Torero Program Board, Fraternity/Sorority Life, and the Changemaker Hub. You can stop by the offices to find out information on all things leadership and involvement at USD.

Leadership Opportunities and Retreats

There are retreats for all types of interests, from equality issues to issues of social justice. Examples include the “Empower Leadership Retreat” and the “United Front Multicultural Center Leadership Retreat”. Students who are interested in leadership positions on campus can see a spreadsheet of various opportunities offered at USD here.

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communitythumbCommunity Involvement

Being a Torero means rolling up your sleeves and joining in our effort to promote and sustain positive change, both locally and globally. We’ll help you find a project or activity that kindles your lifelong giving spirit.

Center for Awareness, Service and Action

The Center for Awareness, Service and Action (CASA) believes in social justice and the promotion of basic human rights through education, service, and promoting inclusion. Community Service Learning (CSL) offers Toreros the option of taking courses throughout their college career that provide community service opportunities as a part of the course work.

Peer Education

Toreros who are interested in becoming leaders or who feel called to action have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from. These range from health (Sexual Assault Peer Educators and Campus Connections) to academics (Link Peer Mentoring Program and Peer Advisors) to social justice (Rainbow Educators) to environmental causes (Be Blue, Go Green) and even as members of student conduct hearing boards like the Peer Hearing Board.


For Toreros looking to develop their spiritual connections, the University Ministry team can help you clarify your values, and find your vocation. In addition to a vibrant Roman Catholic sacramental life, University Ministry offers immersion trips, local service opportunities, retreats, small faith-sharing communities, pastoral counseling and companionship, scripture study and all-faith services.

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Whether you choose to develop and heighten your self-awareness through group trainings and retreats, focus your energies on finding that perfect career after college or expand your horizons by living and learning in one of our study abroad programs, at USD it’s all about options, and you’ll have plenty to explore while you’re here.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures provides programs from moonlight canoeing to backpacking to outing guide training to the “Be Blue, Go Green” team, a group focused on sustainability efforts at USD. Be sure to check out all of the great trips they have planned for you!


USD is home to various centers such as the United Front Multicultural Center, the Women's Center, the Center for Student Success, and the Student Leadership and Involvement Center. Each of these centers is committed to enhancing the campus by hosting events and retreats, awareness weeks, and providing valuable leadership opportunities.There are also multiple health and wellness centers on campus such as the Counseling Center, the Mission Fitness Center, the Student Health Center, and Center for Health and Wellness Promotion.

Student Involvement and Information Desk

The Student Involvement and Information Desk is located on the second floor of the Student Life Pavilion, just outside Tú Mercado. Staffed by highly trained and involved students, this is where you can find out how to get involved on campus, what’s happening each day, more information on an upcoming event and more!

Student Organizations and Fraternity/Sorority Life

Getting involved with a student organization or fraternity/sorority is a great way to explore and develop your identity and make lasting connections and memories. For a full list of all USD sponsored student organizations, visit Torero Orgs.

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Whether you’re meeting up with friends to enjoy student concerts at Aromas, deepening your spiritual connection by attending our All Faith Service, or simply blowing off some pre-finals stress by participating in a video game tournament in Frank's Lounge, the friendly and energetic atmosphere provides you with ample opportunities to connect with our campus community.

Alcalá Bazaar

The Alcalá Bazaar, held in the first two weeks of each semester, provides an opportunity for clubs, organizations, and departments to share their information with students who might be interested in getting involved. Come on out and see what the excitement is all about!

Residence Hall Programs and Learning Communities

The Residence Halls are not just places to live, they are vibrant communities for you to interact with people from all walks of life! The Residence Hall Learning Communities and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) strive to develop areas that will allow all Toreros to come together and interact.

Common Spaces

USD has spaces for students to study, socialize, or just relax like lounge spaces in the Student Life Pavilion or the residence halls. There commuter students and graduate students also have the Commuter Student Commons and the Graduate Student Commons available to them to interact with other students who share similar experiences at USD.

Student Media

Did you know that USDtv, the Vista student newspaper, and USD Radio are all entirely student run and managed? You can explore these great ways to reach wide audiences and become the voice of your peers!

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At USD, you can participate in one of the numerous intramural, wellness, and recreational activities we have available or cheer on any of our 17 NCAA Division I athletic programs. With an ideal climate and an active student body, it’s easy to take your game to the next level!


Olé, olé, olé, olé!” If you attend any of USD’s many Athletic events or competitions, you’re likely to hear your fellow Torero’s joining in on the chant! Be sure you check out the NCAA athletic programs as well as their schedules on the USD Athletics website.


Active Toreros have so many options when it comes to having fun! You can join an intramural sports team, a try out for a sports club, or take fitness classes and programs. There’s always a ton to do at the Sports Center with the pool and recreation facilities.

Torero Program Board

Torero Program Board (TPB) is a great way to get involved on campus through programming events like concerts, speakers, cultural events and much, much more! TPB works collaboratively with groups across campus to put on events for all Toreros to enjoy.

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