Test Preparation Courses

Drop Shadow

If you are seeking admission to law school, graduate school or college, you will benefit from the exceptional instruction provided by the University of San Diego Test Preparation Courses.  For 30 years, USD has helped thousands of students succeed on the LSAT, GMAT , GRE, and SAT. Studies have shown that students who receive tutoring on test-taking skills and strategies develop confidence and competence to attain the highest possible score. Counseling and personal assistance with admission essays and statements is also provided.

Test Preparation Courses:
  1. Explain the nature and format of the exam and teach the skills needed to master it
  2. Provide you with proven test-taking strategies to maximize your performance in each exam area.
  3. Give you timed practice tests to measure your performance and progress throughout the course, plus extensive materials for individual study.
  4. Diagnose and remedy individual difficulties through seminar discussion and review.
  5. Build test-taking confidence and competence to help you attain your highest possible score.