Associated Students Sustainability Grant

AS Grant Description and Purpose:

Each semester, USD’s Associated Students offers $20,000 in grants to all undergraduate students to fund research projects. The purpose of this grant is to provide students with the opportunity to bring their sustainable projects and initiatives to life! The A.S. Grant Selection Board reviews each grant application and determines what impresses and what concerns them about each project. The board identifies the project’s ability to advance knowledge in the area of study, feasibility, and alignment with the University’s mission and the Changemaker initiative.

Read below for more information and details on how to apply and what is required.

Spring 2018 Deadline: April 3, 2018

Application Requirements:

  • Grant Application (download below)
  • A project description (5 page maximum), including the project title and goal
  • A thorough timeline of the project
  • A budget detailing the exact costs of materials, books, equipment, etc.
  • A sealed letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor delivered to the AS Speaker of the Senate mailbox in SLP 301 (Tyler Warren)

All parts of the application must be submitted as a hardcopy AND emailed in PDF format. Please remember to supply the board with all of the requested information. Late applications will not be accepted

Important information:

  • Submit one application per group research project
  • Design a detailed timeline including specific dates and also remember to be realistic with deadlines for your research goals
  • Provide a specific budget, including where you plan to buy each item. Make sure to research and find the most affordable option available. Additionally, make budget categories as specific as possible (categories such as Additional costs, Etc., and Personal needs will not be funded)
    • Please see sample application below for a detailed example of an approved application
  • The letter of recommendation is to be turned in or mailed in via sealed envelope with valid signature by the Faculty/Staff Advisor of the project
  • The A.S. Sustainability Grant does not fund travel expenses

Keep in mind:

  • The project, research or initiative should have the end result of aiding the University to reach higher levels of sustainability. (reducing its carbon footprint, encouraging campus culture to be more community oriented, or directly reducing the amount of water used on campus)

Application Review Board:

  • The application will be reviewed by the Associated Students Sustainability Initiatives Grant Board, which is comprised of both faculty and students
  • Please note that award amounts are determined by the Associated Students Sustainability Initiatives Grant Board and may fluctuate up to the requested amount depending upon several variables

If application is denied:

  • To fund or not to fund is made by a simple majority vote
  • The committee can also fund you a part of what you want
  • If a project, research proposal, or initiative is denied, the group or individual will have a necessary waiting period of one review cycle until they are permitted to apply again
  • Must heed to the comments of the committee, and have a changed proposal
  • This second proposal must be improved from the original for it to be reconsidered


AS Sustainability Grant Application

AS Sustainability Grant Bylaws  

AS Sustainability Grant Application Sample


For any questions, please contact Allison McCall, Associated Students Sustainability Chair, at