Energy is a primary focus of the University of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan. The consumption of electricity and natural gas comprises 55% of USD’s 2010 carbon footprint. As the largest source of emissions, it is a primary target for reductions moving forward. Through a systematic approach to generate savings through efficiency and increased reliance on renewable energy, USD will be able to lower emissions and reduce costs moving forward.  Increased visibility through measurement will lead to an understanding of where and when energy is used to most effectively target reduction and optimization efforts. USD is already home to one of the largest rooftop solar installations on a college campus in the nation, with a 1.23 megawatt system atop 11 buildings across campus.

Solar Panels and people 7% of USD's energy is generated by solar panels
Electric Cart USD has reduced natural gas consumption by 41% since 2010

After the completion of energy optimization, the university purchases cleaner and renewableenergy for certainly buildings to directly offset the remaining energy consumed by those buildings.  USD is proud to be purchasing 100% renewable energy from San Diego Gas & Electric's EcoChoice program to make this possible for the following locaions at USD: the Electronics Recycling Center, all Alcalá Park West buildings (Coronado, Barcelona, Durango, and Avila), President's House, University Terrace Apartments, and Presidio Terrace Apartments.  Through this program, San Diego Gas & Electric is buying renewable energy on behalf of the university, from large, utility-scale generating facilities located within San Diego and Imperial Counties, therefore also supporting the local growth of renewables.

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