Electronics Recycling Center

The mission of the Electronics Recycling Center (ERC) is to extend the useful life of donated electronics in order to re-EcoChoice Logouse, re-purpose, re-sell, re-imagine, and as a last resort, responsibly recycle.

The ERC is a non-profit, state certified collection center in San Diego. It accepts all electronics, working and broken. It offers a safe and secure service, which adheres to all mandated state and federal laws and regulations regarding the collection of e-waste.

The Center is a one-stop location where people can drop off their old electronics six days a week. They can also shop for gently used electronic items in the re-sale store. Every donation made, whether the item is working or not, is tax deductible (and a receipt can be provided for you.)

The ERC motto is: “If it plugs in or takes a charge, we’ll take it!”  Take a look at a list of items that can be donated.

After the completion of energy optimization, the university purchases cleaner and renewable energy for the ERC directly to offset for the remaining energy consumed.  USD is proud to be purchasing 100% renewable energy from San Diego Gas & Electric's EcoChoice program for the ERC.  Through this program, San Diego Gas & Electric is buying renewable energy on behalf of the university, from large, utility-scale generating facilities located in San Diego and Imperial Counties, therefore also supporting the local growth of renewables.

Contact the ERC at (619) 849-8555 or electronics@sandiego.edu.

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