Electronics Recycling Center

The mission of the Electronics Recycling Center (ERC) is to extend the useful life of donated electronics in order to re-use, re-purpose, re-sell, re-imagine, and as a last resort, responsibly recycle.

The ERC is a non-profit, state certified collection center in San Diego. It accepts all electronics, working and broken. It offers a safe and secure service, which adheres to all mandated state and federal laws and regulations regarding the collection of e-waste.

The Center is a one-stop location where people can drop off their old electronics six days a week. They can also shop for gently used electronic items in the re-sale store. Every donation made, whether the item is working or not, is tax deductible (and a receipt can be provided for you.)

The ERC motto is: “If it plugs in or takes a charge, we’ll take it!”  Take a look at a list of items that can be donated.

Contact the ERC at (619) 849-8555 or electronics@sandiego.edu.