Course Descriptions


MATH 112 Investigations in Modern Math (3)

Amanda Ruiz

CRN 6 Limit 25
3-week Pre Session (6/4 – 6/22)
9 – 11:40 a.m.
SCST-230 (6/4 - 6/8)
LH-321 (6/11 - 6/20)
LH-322 (6/21)
LH-321 (6/22)

Prerequisites: Passing the appropriate departmental placement test within the previous year or MATH 090
This core curriculum mathematics course provides a less algebraic alternative to MATH 115 for those students who need to fulfill the mathematical competency requirement, but who are not planning to go on in math. Topics may include: voting theory, graph theory, sequences, population growth, fractals, topology, geometry, and recursion. This course does not serve as a prerequisite to MATH 120, MATH 130, MATH 150, or MATH 200. Note: course will be canceled if there are fewer than six (6) paid students enrolled as of Monday, May 14.