Course Descriptions


BIOL 112-02 Ecology and Environmental Biology (with Lab) (4)

Course Cancelled 7/16/18

Investigation of the natural environment and the relationship of its biotic and abiotic components. Topics will include the ecosystem concept, population growth and regulation, and our modification of the environment. Laboratory will include field trips, one of which will be an all day trip to the desert.

BIOL 113 Plants and People (4)

Robert Lauri

CRN 444 Limit 24
3-week Post Session (8/6 - 8/24)
Lecture: M-F     9:00 am- Noon            SCST-225
Lab:       M-F     1:00 pm - 4:00 pm      SCST-225 

What are the major ways that plants and plant products contribute to human life and how have humans modified plants and their environments? It is about humans and their knowledge, uses, and abuses of plants. The biology of plants is considered from a scientific viewpoint; drawing on topics of anatomy, morphology, physiology, ecology, evolution, taxonomy, and biotechnology. The basis of this course is science literacy, defined as citizen-level fluency for comprehending the process through which science’s way of knowing brings understanding of the natural world.