Course Descriptions


HIST 358/559 Middle East History and Terrorism (3)

Michael Gonzalez

CRN 65 (358) Limit 25
CRN 66 (559) Limit 10
3-week Post Session (8/7 – 8/25)
5:30 – 8:50 p.m.

Is terrorism – from the deployment of car bombs and the like to the dispatch of suicide bombers – peculiar to the Middle East, or is it a phenomenon that has blighted other parts of the globe? As we will see, terrorism has struck many nations across the world. Nonetheless, even if terrorism in the Middle East is only the most recent manifestation of a global phenomenon, why has it become such a bloody, and spectacular, expression of discontent from Pakistan to northern Africa, an area that can comprise the Middle East? Thus, to understand the use of terrorism as a political tactic, it is imperative to study the history of the region. Note: Course will be canceled if there are fewer than six (6) paid students enrolled as of Monday, July 24.

HIST 384 History of Mexico (3)

Kenneth Serbin

CRN 30 Limit 25

3-week Pre Session (6/5 – 6/23)
M - Th
5:30 – 8:45 p.m.

This course is a survey of the history of Mexico. It begins with an examination of indigenous peoples and empires. European conquest colonization, and the formation of Mexican civilization. We will carefully examine society during the colonial period with a focus on economic activity, the influence of the Catholic Church, and construction of the state. We will further discuss the formation of the modern Mexican nation beginning with the independence wars in 1810 and the subsequent formation of the republic and the tensions it produced. Mexico’s stability under the Porfiriato and the political, social, and religious explosions of the Mexican Revolution are a centerpiece of this course. We will then study the consolidation and decay of the revolutionary process with its culmination in the massacre at Tlatelolco in 1968. The remainder of the course will address contemporary political and social change in Mexico. We will discuss Mexico in comparative contrast with other Latin American societies.  Note: Course will be
canceled if there are fewer than six (6) paid students enrolled as of Monday, May 15.