Course Description


CHEM 101 Science of Food and Cooking (3)

Iovine, P., Bird, T.

CRN 17      Limit 20
M-F           1 – 3:50 p.m.       SCST-130

The goal of this course is to improve your understanding of the scientific principles of food and cooking. Students will use methods of chemistry and biology to better understand the importance of science in food, nutrition, how foods taste different, and are best prepared. To achieve these goals, students will learn the concepts and principles of macromolecular molecules and their reactions as they learn about each food topic. We will study how we smell and taste, how molecular structure is important for ice cream and cheese, how hot peppers work and many other topics.  Students will make cheese and other cooking experiments to interpret and report their hypothesis and observations. As students do this, they will understand major scientific theories of biochemistry, chemistry and biology as they relate to food science. 

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