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University of San Diego undergraduate students have the opportunity to live and study in over 30 countries for a year, semester, summer or intersession while earning USD credit.  These students often return to campus with unique, inspiring stories and perspectives.  This page serves to highlight a few of those exceptional experiences. You can also view past stories from Summer 2013.

Second Year Experience 2014 Florence Italy

"Adhering to the legend of the Fontana di Trevi, I tossed the coins in my right hand over my left shoulder as I reflected on the incredible amount of personal growth I had experienced in such a short amount of time. Over the past few weeks all beliefs and perceptions I had held were challenged without exception. What this in turn allowed me to do is begin to develop a global perspective which I intend to nurture. I hope to return some day as a well-travelled, experienced, and open-minded, citizen of the world."

- Kim Sierra: Florence, Second Year Experience Abroad 2014

SYE 2014 Florence Italy



"Studying abroad in Florence, Italy as part of the SYE program was simply amazing! Immersing myself into the Italian culture, learning about Italian Renaissance Art at the birth place of Renaissance, and indulging myself in Italian cuisine was what made my trip unforgettable. Thank you USD for giving me such an incredible opportunity of becoming a world citizen!"

- Shakhnoza Nasriddinova: Florence, Second Year Experience Abroad 2014

Second Year Experience Sevilla 2014




“Here I am at the Three Kings Epiphany parade in Seville, Spain! Traveling abroad was an amazing experience. I will recommend SYE to anyone and everyone. This opportunity has definitely broadened my perspective and has inspired me to travel abroad as much as possible."

- Courtney Windju: Sevilla, Second Year Experience Abroad 2014

Intersession 2014 Dubai



"Experiencing Dubai was definitely not something I ever dreamed of accomplishing while in college, but with the help of USD and the International Center, something that was just an idea became reality. From the food, the culture, the vibes, the trips...and the well-organized planning- I would go back to Dubai and take this class as many times as I could!"

- Huda Kahin: Dubai, Intersession 2014

Euro Tour Intersession 2014 Paris





“My experience in Europe and Turkey was everything that I could have imagined and more! I would do it all over again. I learned and appreciated the various cultures and history. The food was amazing, the sites were beautiful, and the people I met were kind and welcoming. I am so grateful that I was given an opportunity to study abroad!”

- Kristina Pedroza: Euro Tour, Intersession 2014

Intersession 2014 Buenos Aires Arts and Science

"It's one thing to learn in a classroom, but it's an entirely different experience to immerse yourself in the culture. Hearing the first-hand accounts of the Argentinians gave me insight into their past, making apparent the great impact the country's history continues to have on its people. I now have a new perspective and see how the past can shape a present society in every way and I am forever changed by my time abroad."

- Valerie Mendez: Buenos Aires A&S, Intersession 2014


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