Vice President of Student Affairs

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  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy: In compliance with Part 86 of the Drug Free Schools and Campuses regulations, this memorandum is presented to provide University of San Diego (USD) students with the following (1) a description of the health risks associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs (2) a description of campus resources available to students including prevention and treatment resources (3) applicable federal, state, and legal sanctions and (4) disciplinary sanctions as outlined in the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Co-Curricular Experience Survey: During the Spring 2011 semester, undergraduate students were invited to participate in a survey regarding their satisfaction with weekend activities. The intent of this survey is to provide a snapshot of students’ co-curricular experience. In addition, the results may serve as a tool to guide those who develop campus programs directed at the undergraduate experience. Ultimately, changes to current program offerings would serve to enhance community and school spirit. A total of 794 students participated in the survey, and 708 completed the survey.
  • Student Leadership Opportunities: Students who are interested in leadership positions on campus can see a spreadsheet of various opportunities offered at USD.
  • Parent New Student Transition Information: Vice President Carmen M. Vazquez has partnered with the Office of Parent Relations to develop a "New Student Transitions -Helpful Resources" column in the monthly parent e-newsletter. To view an archive, click here.
  • Request to Hold an Assembly On-Campus: To review the policies that govern the process of holding an assembly on-campus, click here.
  • Skateboarding Map