What subjects can I be tutored in?

We have tutors available to help with: Writing, English, Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Accounting, Spanish, Finance, Logic, and more.

How do I set up an appointment with a tutor?

To set up an appointment you can email our tutors directly. For tutors' subjects, hours, and email addresses visit the SSS Tutors page.

Tutors are also available at specific hours for “drop-in” tutoring. Check the tutoring schedule for the hours that they are available and the subject they tutor in.

Where do I meet with the tutor?

During the scheduled times, tutors are available in the SSS office, Barcelona 301.

If you set up an appointment you and the tutor can decide where to meet; either in BA 301 or anywhere on campus.

What happens if I am unable to make a scheduled appointment?

If you are unable to make your appointment, contact your tutor. Please give as much notice as possible.

If you fail to notify SSS that you will be missing the appointment, a “no show report” will be filed.

How do I get credit for the hours I have studied with a tutor?

When you come into the SSS office, be sure to sign in on the tutoring form at the front desk.

At the end of each tutoring session, you and the tutor will fill out a form that will help us keep track of your hours.

How many hours a week can I work with the tutors?

As many as you need, there is no limit.

What should I bring to the tutoring sessions?

Be sure to remember anything you may need for the class, including any and all textbooks, class notes, class handouts, homework, and any returned tests or quizzes. The more information you have, the more the tutors will be able to help.

Do I need to fill out any forms in order to receive services?

On the first day that you meet with the tutor, you will both fill out a tutor/student contract that will serve as your agreement to show up on time and prepared to each meeting and to stay focused during the meeting. It also requires the student to agree to attend all scheduled classes.

Contact Information

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