Organization/Event Registration

Register Your Organization

If your organization is not registered with the University, and you would like to register, please visit Torero Orgs. Registered Organizations receive the following benefits:

  • Use of certain campus facilities for programs and meetings
  • Opportunity to request financial support for organized activities through the Associated Students and other University sources
  • Use of the University's name and logo
  • Ability to reserve rooms and other campus spaces
  • Participation in the Alcala Bazaar

Register Your Event

Before reserving space, you must register your event for approval by visiting Virtual EMS.

If you are a Greek organization please use the Greek Event Form.

If your group is trying to host an event in a space that does not accept traditional EvRs, please fill out a Non-Reservable Space EvR form.

Register your Off Campus Events

Similar to registering your on-campus event, you must also register your event if its off-campus. Click here to register your event off-campus.

Any recognized USD club/organization's events/activities which received any funding from Associated Students Budget Committee (ASBC) must register events taking place on and off-campus.