Conceptualize Your Event

Outline the concept of your event including:

  • Purpose & Goals of Event
  • Title of Event
  • Target Audience (Undergrad, Grad/Law, Residents, Women/Men)
  • Date (chose a primary date and an alternate)
  • Start and end time
  • Number of participants & Participant Cost
  • Program (speakers, video, band)
  • Room setup (tables, chairs, stage, podium)
  • Equipment (audio, lighting, etc)
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, snack, reception, dinner)

Develop a realistic budget:

Use a budget worksheet to make your budgeting experience as simple as possible.

Keep in mind that not all events will use every budgeted item, and that some events may incur costs not accounted for on the budget worksheet.

Obtain necessary approvals for:

  • Event Registration. An EvR is required to reserve space and for event approval.
  • Corporate Sponsorship. To obtain sponsorship from a corporation/ business/donor for your events contact and gain approval from University Relations at
  • Using a Speaker. Be sure to follow the Guest Speaker Policy and complete the EvR.

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