Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Coaching

The Student Leadership, Involvement and Changemaking area offers an opportunity for undergraduate students to take the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Inventory and meet with a coach (faculty, administrator, graduate student) twice to review the assessment and personally apply the information to their everyday lives.

Undergraduate students will be invited to sign up for coaching at the beginning of each semester. Participants will attend an Orientation Meeting to receive the Inventory and other directions for the experience. Once the inventory is completed and returned by the student, s/he will be assigned to meet with a Leadership Coach. Coaches will reach out to their assigned students and schedule two, on-hour meetings. Once meeting will focus on the Inventory results and one meeting will focus on seeking mentoring for future growth.

The SLIC has found that transformational learning occurs most effectively in one-on-one conversations. This program seeks to provide that opportunity to a broad audience, not just students holding formal leadership roles. We encourage all undergraduates interested in pursuing a mentorship relationship to consider this exciting opportunity to connect with a member of the campus community.

The Learning Outcomes of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Coaching are:

  • Participants will identify strengths and areas of growth in their emotional intelligence.
  • Participants will seek out a mentoring relationship for their personal growth.

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For more information, Contact:

Mandy Womack
Director of Student Leadership and Engagement