Strategic Directions

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Strategic Directions for the Second Planning Cycle

  1. Student Learning and Outcomes
    The university will attract, retain, and support highly qualified, diverse students; promote their success through a rigorous, innovative, and interactive education; and enhance their employment and other post-graduate opportunities.
  2. Faculty Teaching and Scholarship
    The university will attract, retain, and support an outstanding and diverse faculty, widely known and recognized externally for its teaching, scholarship, and engagement in addressing current and emerging issues of global concern.
  3. Global Connections and Impact
    The university will enhance its reputation and reach by strengthening its connections with local, national, and international communities and its contributions to improving the global human condition.
  4. Catholic Character and Outreach
    The university will promote its Catholic character by drawing upon the Church's intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and social traditions to engage critical issues about the role of religion in society, to foster interreligious dialogue and understanding, and to promote peace and social justice.
  5. Constituent Participation and Engagement
    The university will strengthen meaningful life-long relationships among its students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, donors, and community supporters.
  6. Resource Enhancement and Economic Vitality
    The university will enhance its financial sustainability through increased endowment and external funding to advance institutional priorities and reduce dependence on tuition revenue.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on Friday, May 6, 2011.