Strategic Directions

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Strengthen Undergraduate Research and Scholarship

Ensure that undergraduate students from all disciplines have the opportunity to engage in research and creative activities during their time at the University of San Diego, and establish faculty/student research and scholarship as a distinguishing feature of an undergraduate education.
Keck Advisory Board
The board advises Sarah Kriz, Director of Undergraduate Research, on issues concerning the development of USD's Office of Undergraduate Research. Members of the Keck Advisory Board include 13 faculty and administrators from different departments and programs that support and encourage undergraduate research and scholarship.
USD was granted three calendar years of funding (2011, 2012, and 2013) from the Keck Foundation for assistance opening a permanent office to coordinate and broaden participation in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities.
After a national search, Dr. Sarah Kriz was hired as Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. The office is located in Maher Hall 264.
The director launched the University of San Diego Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship website to provide access to information about opportunities for undergraduate research and scholarship.
The Keck Faculty Fellows Program provides one-year fellowships to faculty in departments that represent emerging research disciplines. Three faculty fellows were selected in 2011 and four in 2012. Keck Faculty Fellows receive funding to conduct research or scholarly work in collaboration with an undergraduate student of their choice.
The Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award has been established, and the first recipients were recognized at an award ceremony in Spring 2012.
The director collaborates with other offices on campus, including Undergraduate Admissions, the Center for Educational Excellence, the Center for Community Service-Learning, and the Office of Sponsored Programs to strengthen USD's foundation of undergraduate research.
The director has been working with peer institutions to discuss and brainstorm ideas for advancing undergraduate research.

Creative Collaborations has been expanded to a four-hour event to be held on April 19, 2012, with increased student and faculty participation this year.

SURE 2012 applications came from a broader range of academic units than in previous years, resulting in a more academically diverse distribution of awards.
Keck Faculty Fellows will be attending an upcoming CUR Institute on enhancing undergraduate research in the social sciences and humanities to develop a plan to improve mentoring of research and scholarship in these areas.
In Fall 2012, the Office of Undergraduate Research will offer course development stipends to faculty who want to incorporate research activities into their classes.
A graduate student in Leadership Studies will coordinate the 2012 Summer Scholars program. The program offers discounted on-campus housing, professional development events, and social activities for undergraduate students who conduct research or scholarship on campus over the summer.
Measurable Indicators
Number of student and faculty participants in Creative Collaborations.
Number of academic disciplines represented in Creative Collaborations.
Number of participants in Summer Scholars program.
Number of SURE applications and awards from emerging research disciplines.
Amount of external funding obtained to support undergraduate research and scholarship.
Amount of faculty grant funding used to support undergraduate research and scholarship.
Number of CUR memberships at USD.