Strategic Directions

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Strategic Directions Core Team

President Lyons appointed a Core Team of ten members. The team is deliberately small so members can meet frequently and act quickly. Members of the Core Team come from a cross-section of the campus, but they are not expected to represent divisions or schools. Rather, they are to use their knowledge of the campus community to develop strategies for reaching as many constituents as possible.

Charge: To collect and consolidate strategic ideas from students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Craig Barkacs Professor, School of Business
Cel Johnson Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning
Moisés Barón Assistant Vice President, Student Wellness
Karen Briggs Employment and Training Director, Human Resources
Kelsey Chase President, Associated Students
Del Dickson Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
Tammy Dwyer Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
Fred Galloway Associate Professor, School of Leadership and Education Sciences
Alan Gin Chair, University Senate; Associate Professor, School of Business
Audrey Sanico Councilor, Graduate Student Council