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Integrated Marketing: Proposed Action Plan

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Proposed action objective:

Restructure USD’s marketing resources and processes with an institutional scope to focus on advancing university goals in conjunction with those of individual divisions and departments. Centralize some of our existing marketing resources, supplement existing resources where necessary, and develop a comprehensive marketing plan to serve USD’s internal and external constituents.

How does this objective contribute to one or more of USD’s overall strategic goals?

This objective will contribute to Goal #5, “…forge stronger relations with alumni and friends by developing a stronger and clearer institutional identity regionally and nationally,” by coordinating efforts that are currently scattered to better utilize the university’s marketing resources.

Who is responsible for implementing and monitoring this objective?

Coreen Petti, Assistant Vice President for Marketing, with assistance from other campus stakeholders.

What steps are necessary to achieve this objective?

Shift the focus of marketing from a strict fund-raising orientation to a broader customer relations orientation.

  1. Involve the assistant vice president in regular meetings with decision makers across campus.
  2. Create a central action committee of key campus marketing stakeholders to recommend institutional priorities for marketing (e.g., advertising, recruiting, print and web communications, external relations, event management, etc.) and a structure for an internal marketing agency to advance those priorities.
  3. Identify universities with successful integrated marketing and communication programs. Examine their structures and define a structure that would work for USD.
  4. Create a central budget for marketing by defining resources needed to meet campus demand for services. Identify current marketing expenditures across campus to consolidate existing resources.
  5. Implement approved recommendations (#2 above) and create a centralized marketing structure empowered to allocate resources, set priorities, create policies, enforce standards, etc.
  6. Hire consultants (e.g., Stamats) to conduct market research to determine how USD’s external constituents perceive the university.
  7. Develop an institutional marketing plan that supports the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the university.

What measurable indicator(s) can be used to monitor progress?

  • Based upon market research, establish baseline indicators for external awareness and perception; resurvey at intervals to determine improvement over time.
  • Cost efficiencies and increased buying power realized through consolidation of marketing efforts (e.g., advertising rate cards, corporate partnerships, vendor contracts, etc.).
  • Audit current marketing and communications efforts, and track improvement in quality, consistency, and effectiveness.

Proposed timeline—what is to be accomplished by:

2005-06 Involve the assistant vice president in regular meetings with decision makers across campus. Create a central action committee to recommend institutional priorities and examine marketing structures of successful peer institutions. Inventory marketing expenditures across campus and determine resources required to meet campus demand for services. Propose a central budget that includes cost-saving consolidations and collaborations as well as new resources.
2006-07 Establish budget for marketing and implement recommended structure. Hire consultant to conduct external market research. Create an institutional marketing plan.
2007-08 Hire support persons in areas of need. Begin implementing plan.
2008-09 Review initial results of marketing and communications efforts. Resurvey external constituents. Review and refine budget and structure.
2009-10 Continue implementation, incorporating findings of 2008-09 to make appropriate adjustments. By the end of this timeline, integrated marketing efforts have been institutionalized.

What resources will be required to accomplish this objective?

Financial Operating budget for newly-created Office of Advertising and Creative Services ($140K). Funds to supplement consolidation of marketing operational expenditures as needed (estimated $350K).
Personnel Staff photographer and archivist ($80K). Advertising designer and media buyer ($80K). Funds to transfer current marketing personnel campaign budget to permanent benefit-based staff ($180K). [Figures include salary and benefits in current dollars.]
Space Ultimately, it is desirable to bring all the marketing personnel together in contiguous space; evaluate current configuration in Degheri.
Technical Equipment for new staff and projects as needed.