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Student Life: Additional Ideas and Comments

Participants in the workshop and open forums were invited to submit additional ideas and comments about any of the topics under discussion. The following comments have been received on the topic of Student Life.

  • As an 1991 graduate, I can assure you that students remaining on campus and treating the campus as a living room has significantly deteriorated since my student life (which I don't think was that long ago). The UC expansion idea is fabulous. Both an inside and outside living room for USD is desperately needed.
  • The surrounding community that encircles USD is not attractive to students. Efforts must be made with the City to have adjacent business and commerce cater to students wanting to stay nearby. There are no parks, no coffee houses, restaurants, interesting stores, or attractive centers of commerce within walking distance to influence students to stay nearby during their limited leisure time.
  • Any great University that is private cannot exist without current support from its alumni in a strong and passionate way. Efforts to improve student life on campus should be the building blocks that lead towards creating dedicated future alumni who will support and care for their university.
  • Residence life is currently conducting surveys and focus groups with students to learn what would improve student life within the residence halls.
  • Yes, eliminate Intersession.
  • Yes, expand the University Center.
  • Need programs in student life for graduate students as well—especially if we have the School of Peace Studies up and running.
  • Need to take a serious look at activities that give resident students the desire to remain on campus over weekends for their entertainment. This is a concern of parents.
  • Have all student services “centralized”—Campus Card Services, Registrar’s Office, Student Accounts, Cashier, etc.
  • When discussing mentoring pairing of students, all groups were discussed (student-to-student, student-to-faculty, and student-to-administrator). But need to include staffall of us are responsible for the academic climate and education experience of our students; no one should be marginalized in terms of what they can contribute just because of their “classification.”
  • The sophomore year is critical. There really is no purpose to sophomore year, in and of itself. Each other year has a purpose. The sophomore year is, in some ways, the “middle child.” A sophomore experience is critical.
  • Study the pros and cons of intersession vs. quarter system.
  • Alumni Center should be used as a Graduate Student Center as well—or build a Graduate Center.
  • Include staff in student life.
  • Extend services into the evening for graduate students.
  • Overprogramming—we compete with ourselves.
  • Residence Life should be required to incorporate diversity and inclusion discussions, activities, and training for all staff. Too many students of color do not feel welcome or safe in their dorms.
  • More student support services need to be put in place so student retention rates are higher—one hour in O-week or a one-hour class is not enough!
  • Give students the opportunity to do internships on campus. Allow students to do more research projects. Send out more fliers or email to students.
  • Have better cell phone reception in dorms so students don't need to stick their heads out the window to get service.
  • Allow wireless connections in dorms.
  • Choose classes through the internet instead of the phone. Punching in number can be a disadvantage because they may punch in the wrong number, and then they have to go back and change it. When students can drop or add classes by internet, they won't have to wait in long lines at the Registrar offices. People who commute to school have to call in to the school's operator and punch in the Ext number then choose their classes.
  • Libraries should be opened longer during weekend, and libraries should be opened 24 hours during finals so students don't need to study in their dorms when other students are sleeping.
  • Give students more interactions by having special fitness classes 3 times a week at the JCP.