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Diversity and Inclusion: Additional Ideas and Comments

Participants in the workshop and open forums were invited to submit additional ideas and comments about any of the topics under discussion. The following comments have been received on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion.

  • We need to recruit students from schools with significant populations of minority students.
  • We need to recruit and retain more tenure-track faculty of color.
  • Faculty and admissions staff need to get out into our community.
  • Create a pipeline program involving Summer Bridge, EOP, United Front/Multicultural Center, Alumni Office
  • Partner with Xavier University.
  • Please strengthen the support for graduate students at the Writing Center. Many grad students from underrepresented groups need special assistance with writing to be available in the evenings. The help needs to be focused on research.
  • We’ve been successful integrating non-Catholic religious traditions. If this has been so successful—what worked?
  • Diversity is also about strengthening the learning of all students. A plan to increase representation and retention of diverse students should also consider how to facilitate meaningful and sustained interactions among all students vs. a kind of balkanization.
  • Related to the athletic model of not letting marginalized students fall through the cracks—this approach, if adopted, should include collaboration with the Institute of College Initiatives.
  • It has to be more than race and ethnicity. We can’t have a same people always doing diversity—it has to be a campus-wide initiative which everyone really, truly buys into.
  • Diversity Forum is being hosted by USD this spring—April 9, 2005—for undergraduate or master’s students to investigate graduate schools.
  • Mentor faculty.
  • Support faculty diversity—recruit and retain.
  • Work-study mentor program—great idea! As part of cost effectiveness study, look at work-study use.
  • What about socioeconomic diversity?
  • Foster exchanges and alliances with diverse universities.
  • Presidential initiatives/mandates in enrollment management:
    • Benchmark
    • Realistic and attainable goals
    • Deadlines and goals set
  • We need buy in from all faculty and not just those in humanities and arts.
  • Faculty training (cultural competence)
  • In reference to action item #2 (in presentation): We need to move away from “throwing out the baby with the bathwater.” Because programs are not fully functioning the way they are intended to, we cannot disregard their need on campus.
  • I strongly agree that the USD community should reflect the San Diego community and its diversity. Mandate the Admissions office to increase their numbers of students of color within a certain timeframe.
  • In an effort to create a welcoming environment for students of color, I believe it is crucial to work with the faculty – make it mandatory for faculty and staff to participate in on-going diversity workshops/training.
  • Faculty and the way they structure their classes contribute to the experience of students of color here.
  • There needs to be a sincere effort to not only recruit students of color but also faculty of color. Why are students going to want to come here, not just if there are no students like them here but also professionals (faculty, staff)?
  • Admissions needs to be mandated to recruit more students of color from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s in our mission and they must be held accountable for recruiting and retaining students.
  • A diversity & inclusion committee should be formed that meets at least once a month to discuss and listen to student issues and concerns. Plans of action can then be created and given to administration, VPs and President.
  • Students need to be a part of this conversation, alum, UG, Grad, etc. to voice their experiences on campus. When a student is offended in class there should be protocol taken to teach the offender – learning experience paper for example.