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The Rock, the River, the Tree: Student Support Services (SSS) helps to meet the "success beyond college" needs of 320 eligible students who enroll at USD from low-income and/or first generation backgrounds, and/or who have documented disabilities. SSS strengthens its participants' abilities through academic foundations, values, and support systems. It provides services to retain and graduate students, helping them to begin careers and pursue graduate education.  Admitted students transition to USD during a one-week Bridge program.

Services are provided in the academic year and summer through the senior year: advising, financial aid and personal counseling, instructional support, peer networking, mentoring, and post-BA planning.  SSS encourages a USD climate that nurtures success for all.

  • Rock activities assess and enhance academic foundations.
  • River activities help students to articulate values held, and how they influence self-esteem and behavior.
  • Tree activities help families to target achievement and bond students with peer, community, and global families.


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