• Develop principles, policies, and procedures for allocating and reallocating space.
  • Review all plans and proposals for allocating and reallocating space, such as:
    • Transferring space between divisions or schools
    • Changing the current use of space
    • Proposing structural changes
    • Reallocating vacated space
    • Providing space for new programs or positions
    • Planning new facilities
  • Consult with areas affected by a space request to finalize a space allocation agreement; in cases when an agreement cannot be reached, make recommendations to the Executive Council for their final decision.
  • Develop and maintain a space inventory.
    • Produce reports for the President, Vice Presidents, and Deans.
    • Request audits of space allocation as necessary to determine current usage.
    • Undertake special studies requested by the President or the Executive Council.
  • Investigate specific issues related to campus space as requested by the President or Executive Council.

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