Building Abbreviations


The building codes in the column "Abbreviation" were adopted in May 2003 to consolidate three different sets of codes. If you are preparing marketing materials that include building names, please refer to USD's writing standards.

Academic and Administrative Buildings

Abbreviation Building Name  
AV Ávila  (in Alcalá Park West)
BA Barcelona  (in Alcalá Park West)
BINR Beyster Institute for Nursing Research
CFC Bradford Lee Bosley Mission Café and Fitness Center
CH Camino Hall
CL Helen K. and James S. Copley Library
CO Coronado  (in Alcalá Park West)
CPS Cushman Place Storage (1,2,3)
DAC Degheri Alumni Center
DU Durango  (in Alcalá Park West)
FBA Bert & Patti Degheri Football Office Complex
FH Founders Hall
  Facilities Management Complex:
FMA Facilities Management Administration
FMS Facilities Management Services
FMP Facilities Management Shops
FMW Facilities Management Warehouse
CUP Central Utility Plant
GH Guadalupe Hall
HC Author E. and Marjorie A. Hughes Administration Center
HSN Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science
IM The Immaculata
JCP Jenny Craig Pavilion
KIPJ Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice
LH Loma Hall
MACH Douglas F. Manchester Hall
MCD Manchester Family Child Development Center
MH Bishop Leo T. Maher Hall
MK Main Kiosk
MPS Mission Parking Structure
MRH Mother Rosalie Hill Hall
MVT Manchester Valley Trailer
MX Mission Crossroads
MAX Morena Annex  (former Witherow property)
OH Olin Hall
PLRC Katherine M. and George M. Pardee Jr. Legal Research Center
PS Print Shop
SC Sports Center
SCW Sports Center Weight Room
SCST Donald P. Shiley Center for Science and Technology
SH Serra Hall
SHH Sacred Heart Hall
SLP Student Life Pavilion
TSF Torero Stadium Field House
TSP Torero Stadium Press Box
TSV Torero Stadium VIP Boxes
UC Ernest & Jean Hahn University Center
WH Warren Hall
WK West Kiosk
WPS West Parking Structure
WSF West Storage Facility  (former Coke property)


Abbreviation Building Name  
CA Casa de Alcalá   (President's house)
CLP Casa de la Paz

Residence Halls

Abbreviation Building Name Often Called
AVA Alcalá Vista Apartments The Vistas
BOR Borrego Hall (1520) Borrego
CUY Cuyamaca Hall (1506/1508) Cuyamaca
LAG Laguna Hall (1502/1504) Laguna
PAL Palomar Hall (1510/1512) Palomar
CH Camino Hall Camino
FH Founders Hall Founders
MH Bishop Leo T. Maher Hall Maher
MV1 Douglas F. & Elizabeth C. Manchester Village #1 (1714) Manchester
MV2 Douglas F. & Elizabeth C. Manchester Village #2 (1720) Manchester
MSA Mission A Suites The Valley
SDG San Diego (5927/5933/5939)  
SFE San Fernando (5909/5915/5921)  
SFR San Francisco (5975/5981)  
SGB San Gabriel (5963/5969)  
SIZ Santa Inez (5957)  
SJO San José (5951)  
MSB Mission B Residence Halls Mission B
SJC San Juan Capistrano Hall San Juan
SLO San Luis Obispo Hall San Luis
SMA San Miguel Archangel Hall San Miguel
SRA San Rafael Hall San Raf
PTA Presidio Terrace Apartments The PTs
SAP San Antonio de Padua (1624) The Bahias, SAPs
SBV San Buenaventura Hall San Buen
UTA University Terrace Apartments UTAs
UT1 University Terrace Apartments #1 (1301) UTAs
UT2 University Terrace Apartments #2 (1309) UTAs
UT3 University Terrace Apartments #3 (1317) UTAs
UT4 University Terrace Apartments #4 (1325) UTAs
UT5 University Terrace Apartments #5 (1333) UTAs
UT6 University Terrace Apartments #6 (1341) UTAs
UT7 University Terrace Apartments #7 (1349) UTAs
UT8 University Terrace Apartments #8 (1357) UTAs