Leadership and Nonprofit Professional Education

Developing Ethical, Effective, and Extraordinary Leaders

The University of San Diego is at the forefront of leadership education, with a track record of providing individuals with a compass to expand their capacity for development. The Nonprofit Institute offers students a variety of leadership programs to develop self-awareness, personal clarity, and the ability to understand and integrate individual, group and community perspectives. We develop effective leaders who are prepared to meet the complex challenges they face in their communities, their social circles, and in today’s global organizations.

Our Leadership Programs Create and Activate New Possibilities

Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. Governing well is essential for strong nonprofits working efficiently and effectively to address critical needs in our communities. Each year The Nonprofit Institute assembles an array of top-notch seminars and workshops to facilitate stimulating conversations around governance for nonprofit boards.

Conscious Leadership Academy. With leadership workshops and courses, consulting, and coaching we draw from USD’s faculty expertise and students in leadership development, to deliver a variety of programs aimed at individual leadership capacity, including Build (the) Best Boys, Grow Great Girls and the Women in Higher Education Leadership Summit.

Encuentros Leadership Academy. This program is nationally recognized for its innovative approach to increasing college enrollment, retention and degree completion among Latino males. The Academy delivers effective results through a college preparatory intervention introducing the rigors of college life to 9th, 10th, and 11th grade high school boys.

Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership & International Cooperation. This program focuses on creating an international community of young scholars from various countries to learn about conflict resolution and social entrepreneurship, create lasting friendships and acquire common practical understanding of a more peaceful future.

National Community College Hispanic Council Leadership Fellows. To address the lack of Hispanic leaders in American community colleges, this program aims to develop a pool of highly qualified Hispanics and assist them in attaining high-level positions in community colleges.  

RISE Urban Leadership Fellows. RISE’s unique goal and commitment is to help identify and empower a generation of leaders who will not only bring our urban communities up, but who will also bring them together. Fellows are expected to reflect the character, strengths, and hopes of San Diego’s urban communities.