Community Building and Engaging Philanthropy

Strengthening Nonprofits Through Consulting, Training and Research

The University of San Diego is home to one of the top programs in nonprofit management and leadership nationwide.  The Nonprofit Institute connects faculty and graduate students with a variety of nonprofit organizations and philanthropic entities to provide them with technical expertise and consulting on board governance, financial management, donor engagement and grantmaking, leadership development and human resources, needs assessment and program evaluation. We provide education, training and research to strengthen organizations that meet the critical needs of our community.

Working Together to Develop Strong Community Leaders and Organizations

As a university committed to applied scholarship and serving as an “anchor” institution in our community, our programs leverage faculty expertise and engage graduate students who “learn by doing” over the course of their Master’s and PhD work. Programs include:

Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium. Governing well is essential for strong nonprofits working efficiently and effectively to address critical needs in our communities. Each year The Nonprofit Institute assembles an array of top-notch seminars and workshops to facilitate stimulating conversations around governance for nonprofit boards.

Convening and Facilitating Partnerships. We bring together community leaders and stakeholders in business, government, nonprofits and philanthropy to share critical trends, lessons learned and best practices, and identify ways to work together to advance solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Developing Leaders and Nonprofit Organizational Capacity. We provide education, technical consulting, and training for people from business, government, nonprofits and philanthropy to improve their individual leadership capacity, as well as governance, grantmaking, organizational effectiveness, and program performance in meeting the critical needs of our communities.

Research and Evaluation. Through the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research, we provide research, evaluation and consulting services that build the leadership and strategic- and evaluative-thinking capacity of local nonprofits as well as to be the leading source of information, data and research on the local nonprofit sector.

Tracking the Field of Nonprofits and Philanthropy. With our State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy annual report and quarterly index, we track major trends in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, including giving, volunteering, compensation, and economic impact data. We also measure the public’s confidence and critical needs in the community. We also regularly survey and share findings from nonprofit executives on key issues affecting our community.