Best Practice Library

Nonprofit Best Practice Library

The Nonprofit Institute Best Practice Library is a continually growing resource for the nonprofit community, comprised of faculty-selected consulting projects completed by graduate students of the Nonprofit Leadership and Management (NPLM) master’s degree program.

The NPLM program places a special focus on experiential learning, requiring students to complete multiple consulting projects as part of the program’s curriculum. Through our technical assistance resources program students are given the opportunity to provide valuable real-world consulting services to nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, typically at no cost. This resource is a way of sharing our knowledge with the world.

As of summer 2014, students have completed more than 850 consulting projects, the best of which are located here. These projects have received thousands of views and downloads. Typical projects include manuals, policies, fundraising, marketing, board development plans, assessments and feasibility studies and encompass various organizational fields, such as governance structures, administration and programs, financial advancement, fundraising, and human resources.

Best Practice Library: We are in the process of changing servers.  Our new and improved best practice library will be available soon.



Additional Resource

Applied Projects Organizational Impact Report
The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research, along with the SOLES director of assessment, conducted an evaluation of the applied projects portion of the NPLM Program. This study determined whether student-led projects had an impact on the nonprofit organizations for which they were developed and assessed the type and duration of that impact.