Student Events

Adaptation of the Nonprofit Sector with Vu Le


Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 4:30 p.m.


Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Warren Auditorium, Room 116

5998 Alcala ParkSan Diego,CA92110


Join us for an engaging and unique discussion from the one and only Vu Le.

Vu Le is the exceptionally popular author and blogger behind and executive director of Seattle-based nonprofit Rainier Valley Corps, which works to bring more leaders of color into nonprofit work. Known for his no-nonsense approach, warped sense of humor, and pictures of baby animals, Vu will have you laughing and thinking.

Vu's discussion on 'How the Nonprofit Sector Must Adapt in Light of the Coming Apocalypse' will touch on the definition of social good, the urgency of the nonprofit sector owning its power, the importance of cross-sector collaboration, and the habits and mindsets we must all reconsider to effectively handle the challenges facing our communities.

He'll comment on how our communities are faced with challenges that are increasingly complex and numerous. The nonprofit sector — both service providers and funders — are needed more than ever. We are at a crossroads. We must face our own barriers to effectiveness, including society's perception, the overhead myth, expectations for sustainability, funding power dynamics, bizsplaining, weaponized data, and “really crappy office furniture” for some. Our demographics are changing, and the way that we have done things in the past will no longer work. We must examine the philosophies and implicit biases that drive our work, abandon outdated thinking and practices, own the power and influence which we have, and collaborate to make the world better.

Don't miss your chance to take part in this insightful, thought-provoking and innovative evening!

And of course stay for a fun-filled reception networking with friends and fellow alumni directly after.

Cost and Registration:

$10 Alumni and Current Students: Registration

$25 General: Registration



Writing Clinic

This writing clinic will assist you in meeting the standards for your assigned papers and presentations. In addition to answering your questions about how to write your paper that defines the nonprofit market (week four homework), in this session you will learn to:

  1. Focus your thinking & organizing
  2. Clarify content & format requirements
  3. Build a structure from paragraphs to paper
  4. Review common errors

You may bring your draft or beginning of your paper for week four. While this clinic cannot serve as an individual tutoring session, your instructor will offer specific suggestions to help you avoid the writing problems you encountered in writing your paper for week two (Reich’s proposal about redistributing tax breaks) and put you on track for success as you write your current paper for week 4.

Tentative Date: September 2016

State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Summit

Thursday, June 8th, Mother Rosalie Hill Hall

Thank you to the 225+ people who attended the 2016 Summit on June 28. We had a great day filled with outstanding presentations and invigorating conversations about key topics important to our nonprofit sector.

In the morning, we discussed the key findings from our annual State of the Nonprofits and Philanthropy Report, describing the capacity, contributions and overall economic health and well-being of San Diego’s nonprofit and philanthropic sector. The report is a compilation of our quarterly State of Nonprofits Index and other nonprofit research, including a survey based on the perspectives of local nonprofit leaders.

Following the report presentation and discussion, we convened a series of professional development and dialogue workshops designed to encourage collaboration and action.