Student Events

Early and Late Birds

Early bird gatherings commence at 7:30 a.m. Late bird gatherings commence at 6:00 p.m. These gatherings are an informal time for you to get together with fellow classmates and advisors.

  • Early Bird #1: TBD
  • Late Bird #1: TBD
  • Early Bird #2: TBD
  • Late Bird #2: TBD

Upcoming Events

Writing Clinic

This writing clinic will assist you in meeting the standards for your assigned papers and presentations. In addition to answering your questions about how to write your paper that defines the nonprofit market (week four homework), in this session you will learn to:

  1. Focus your thinking & organizing
  2. Clarify content & format requirements
  3. Build a structure from paragraphs to paper
  4. Review common errors

You may bring your draft or beginning of your paper for week four. While this clinic cannot serve as an individual tutoring session, your instructor will offer specific suggestions to help you avoid the writing problems you encountered in writing your paper for week two (Reich’s proposal about redistributing tax breaks) and put you on track for success as you write your current paper for week 4.

Tentative Date: September 2016

13th Annual USD Nonprofit Governance Symposium

Explore the architecture of board development, ethics, creating positive cultures, board/staff relationships, board management, resource and financial development systems, planning, real estate, collaborative practices and more. Whether you are an experienced board member or a beginner, there will be a topic to engage you.

January 12 -14, 2017
USD Campus, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice building