State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Summit

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Hosted by The Nonprofit Institute, this informative day of research and practical learning opportunities will help guide San Diego's nonprofit and philanthropic leaders in creating, implementing and evaluating innovative and collaborative strategies for the future.

2017 State of Nonprofit and Philanthropy Summit

October 20th, 2017


The purpose of the Summit is to highlight the current state of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy that supports it, as well as key trends that affect how these organizations are able to operate, fulfill their mission and meet critical needs in the community.

The opening session sets the stage by providing our audience with an up-to-date understanding of what our community of nonprofits and philanthropy looks like, their shared challenges, and recent findings from our research on development, recruitment and retention of our nonprofit workforce. The following session delves more deeply into the workforce research and implications for the day to day operations and ability of nonprofits to effectively fulfill their missions. The following sessions then pivot toward a look at the future and our region’s changing demographics and what they mean for the future work of nonprofits and philanthropy. The afternoon workshops build off the morning discussions, with the intent to provide critical skills training in different topical areas of interest to nonprofit leadership and management.


Opening Remarks
Ruth Westreich, President, The Westreich Foundation and Advisory Board, The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego (USD)
Tony Hsu, Founder & CIO, Alethea Capital Management and Advisory Board, The Nonprofit Institute at University of San Diego (USD)

Welcome, overview of the day, and initial reflections.

State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Report: Key Findings and Related Research
Dr. Laura Deitrick, Associate Director, The Nonprofit Institute & Professor of Practice, Department of Leadership Studies at USD

Current statistics on what nonprofits and philanthropy look like in the San Diego region, as well as the critical trends in organizational readiness, workforce development, fundraising, and public policy directly related to the sector’s ability to fulfill their social purpose mission.

Plenary #1: Current Trends and the Unintended Consequences of Your Own Workforce Development Policies
Dr. Laura Deitrick (Moderator)
Peter Callstrom, President & CEO, San Diego Workforce Partnership
Michelle Ahearne, PhD student, Department of Leadership Studies at USD
Dr. Marcus Lam, Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership Studies at USD
Dr. Mark Preston, Independent Consultant for Nonprofit Research and Workforce Development

This session looks at how to develop and retain a high-performing nonprofit workforce in light of the latest research on changing workforce needs, workforce environment, revenue structure, and policies/practices around workforce development.

Keynote: Our Demography, Economy and the Future of the San Diego Region
Jennifer Ito, Research Director, Program for Environmental and Regional Equity at the University of Southern California
Dr. Emily Young, Executive Director, The Nonprofit Institute at USD

Current snapshot, future projections and critical trends for our region’s population, in terms of where people live, their socioeconomic status and distribution across age, race and ethnicity. 

Plenary #2: Oh Snap, the Demographics of the San Diego Region Are Changing - How Will My Organization Keep Up?
Dr. Zachary Green, Professor of Practice, Department of Leadership Studies and The Nonprofit Institute at USD (Moderator)
Amy Lazarus, Founder & CEO, InclusionVentures, LLC
Marisa Quiroz, Senior Program Officer, Environmental Conservation, International Community Foundation and USD Nonprofit Management and Leadership Alum ‘08
Dr. Joi Spencer, Associate Dean & Associate Professor, School of Leadership and Education Sciences at USD

Interactive panel discussion on the implications of the San Diego region’s changing demographics and economic for the work of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy that supports it.

Professional Development Workshops
There will be seven concurrent, 75-minute workshops - six of which will be held twice (1:30-2:45pm and 3:00-4:15pm).





 Financial Health, Work Environment, and Employee Well-Being

Dr. Marcus Lam, Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership Studies at USD; Dr. Mark Preston, Independent Consultant for Nonprofit Research and Workforce Development

Building Inclusive Leadership for a Stronger Organization: Practices and Policies You Can Use

Dr. Diane Forbes, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at UC San Diego

21st Century Fundraising: Evolving Techniques and Best Practices for Your Organization

Lisa Ritchie, Netzel Grigsby Associates, Inc; Kea Spurrier, San Diego Zoo Global; Francisco Martinez, Zen Marketing Group



Intention v. Impact: What to Do When You Didn't Mean to Say the 'Wrong' Thing - Practical Techniques for Building a More Inclusive Organization

Amy Lazarus, Founder & CEO, Inclusion Ventures, LLC



Narrative for Impact: Telling Stories to Make Positive Change

Michelle Jaramillo, Communications Director at Partners for Progress and USD Nonprofit Management Alum ’09



Practical Tools for Measuring Impact in Your Organization

Dr. Mary Jo Schumann, Director of Research, Caster Family Center for Nonprofit & Philanthropic Research, The Nonprofit Institute at USD; Dr. Kim Hunt, Research Associate, Caster Center, The Nonprofit Institute; Joe Buehrle, Co-Chair of zero8hundred Advisory Board and VP of Organizational Planning, SAY San Diego; Becky Sanford MSW ACSW, Lead Navigator, zero8hundred



Strategic Planning for Your Organization

Lyn Corbett, PhD Student in Leadership Studies and Graduate Assistant in The Nonprofit Institute at USD

*DISCLAIMER: Times and sessions subject to change.


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