Tenth Annual USD Kaleidoscope Award for Exceptional Governance

Proud of Your Board?  Nominate Your Nonprofit for The Kaleidoscope Award

At the University of San Diego, we want to recognize, promote and inspire excellence in nonprofit governance.  One of the ways we do this is through our annual Kaleidoscope Award, honoring exceptional governance in nonprofit organizations.

Like a kaleidoscope, the work of nonprofit governance is intricate, varied, and involves viewing the organization through a variety of lenses.  Exceptional governance requires precision, imagination and principled and adept decision-making. Governance practitioners are dedicated volunteers who contribute valuable services to our community.

Here is one of our USD Kaleidoscope Award winners in action.

See what the San Diego Youth Symphony has to say about Board Governance!

In addition to the Kaleidoscope Award, San Diego Youth Symphony (SDYS) won the first ever BoardSource Prudential Award for Exceptional Governance.

What about you?

If you think your board exemplifies exceptional governance, please consider applying for the 2016 Kaleidoscope Award.  Award winners receive a $500 cash award and five complimentary passes to the 12th annual Governance Symposium in January, 2016.  The winner will be announced at the symposium on January 8, 2016.

Kaleidoscope Award for Exceptional Governance Application

Key Deadlines:

9/21/15: Notification of intent to apply deadline (Email governancesymposium@sandiego.edu)

9/30/15: Application submission deadline

Submit electronic application with attachments to Liz Shear, lizshear42@gmail.com

Submit hardcopy application with attachments to Liz Shear, Nonprofit Institute, SOLES, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA, 92110

10/15/15: Receive notification of application status.

11/12/15: Committee site visit and interview with finalist organizations’ board leadership and key staff.

Please make sure you are available on this date when you submit your application, as our committee will be unable to make scheduling changes.  Also have additional materials available (listed in application) for on-site review at that time.  Please plan 1.5 hours for the visit and interview.

11/18/15: Award winner notified

Kaleidoscope Award Committee:

  • Hans Peter Schmitz, Associate Professor, University of San Diego, Committee Chair
  • Janine Mason, Executive Director, Fieldstone Foundation, Founder of Kaleidoscope Award
  • Edith Glassey, Associate Executive Director of Development, Center for Community Solutions
  • Donald Stump, Executive Director, North County Lifeline
  • Paul Van Dolah, President, Van Dolah & Associates
  • Liz Shear, Director, Nonprofit Governance Symposium

Exceptional governance is always a work in process.   If you are proud of your board’s track record at oversight, foresight and/or insight and have an exceptional governance story to tell, we encourage you to submit your organization for consideration.