Thursday, January 12, 2017: Pre-Symposium Kaleidoscope Tour

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Limited to 10 people.

8:00am - 12:00pm or 1:00pm - 5:00pm

The Kaleidoscope of Governance Tour: Visit two extraordinary Kaleidoscope for Exceptional Governance Award winners, to be announced.

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Friday, January 13:  How Can I Help You?

8:30:  Welcome: Dean Nicholas Ladany, USD SOLES

8:40:  “What Can I Do?Chris Goldsmith, President Belly Up Entertainment and the Blind Boys of Alabama

8:55:  Kaleidoscope Award for Exceptional Governance presentation and panel

10:15:  Break

10:25:  Seminars and Workshops*

11:55:  Break

12:10:  Lunch

1:10:  Keynote: Putting your Money Where Your Mission is, Jackie VanderBrug managing director, investment strategist, global wealth and investment management, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Is your organization’s mission carried through to your operations and investment philosophy? Hear how investors and nonprofit organizations are increasing their assets via the “principle of shared value.” Jackie VanderBrug will speak to how socially innovative investing strategies are changing the way nonprofits manage their financial assets and how such approaches can be accretive to the organization’s mission, performance and fundraising.

2:40:  Break

3:00-4:30: Seminars and Workshops**


Saturday, January 14th Agenda:  "What Can't Not Do?"

“What Can’t Not Do?” How we can help to improve our communities

8:30:  Welcome, Emily Young, PhD, Executive Director, Nonprofit and Philanthropy Institute, University of San Diego

8:40:  Introduction: Richard Tollefson, President, Phoenix Philanthropy Group

8:45   Keynote: Paul Shoemaker, author of Can’t Not Do? and founder of Social Venture Partners International

Did you ever wonder what you just can’t not do to help change the world? Can’t Not Do discusses how to find like-minded people to support your cause.

9:45:  Break

9:55:   Seminars and Workshops*

11:25: Break

11:35: Seminars and Workshops**

1:05:   Break

1:15:   Lunch

2:15:   Break

2:25:   Plenary: Change the World, One Warrior at a Time: Hernan Luis y Prado, Founder and Executive Director, Workshops for Warriors and White House Champion of Change Award winner

How to combine great individual service with real social change is what our sector aspires to.  Join Hernan Luis y Prado offers us inspirational and practical lessons about how to do it.

After 15 years of active military duty, Hernan returned to civilian life with a new mission: to return veterans successfully to civilian life with great manufacturing jobs; and to help revitalize the dying U.S.A. manufacturing sector. The result is phenomenal! After 8 years and 16 major awards, all graduates are earning comfortable middle class wages and a preeminent pipeline into the manufacturing sector is in place.  Our vets are flourishing and our manufacturing economy is growing!

3:25:   Reflections and Adjournment

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