The Nonprofit Institute

Educating Leaders. Building Community. Engaging Philanthropy. Advancing Solutions.

Founded in 2002, The Nonprofit Institute (NPI) provides education, training and research to strengthen organizations that help meet community needs.

What We Do

We are not on the frontlines, but we are committed to developing those who are through:

  • Leadership and Professional Education:  We develop the next generation of leaders dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities through our applied learning and leadership programs.
  • Community Building and Engaging Philanthropy:  We provide hands on assistance to nonprofits, philanthropy and other partners through community education and consulting.
  • Research and Innovation: We drive innovation and solutions through research, forums and roundtables.

Our Impact

The Nonprofit Institute is nationally renowned for its leading edge programs.  Our accomplishments to date include:

  • 1,100+ leaders completing our educational programs
  • 800+ nonprofits and philanthropies strengthened through education and consulting
  • 3,500+ board members and staff trained
  • 1,000+ Nationally recognized academic research publications
  • 100+ of free management resources in our Nonprofit Best Practice Library

Our Signature Programs

Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research.  The Caster Center provides research, evaluation and consulting services that build the leadership and strategic - and evaluative-thinking capacity of local nonprofit sector.

Climate Education Partners.  Climate Education Partners is a collaboration among professors, scientists, researchers, educators, communications professionals and community leaders working with local key influential leaders to communicate the causes of climate change, its impacts in our region and options for enhancing our climate resilience.

Governance Symposium.  Governing well is one of the most profound ways to help our communities.  Each year, The Nonprofit Institute assembles an array of top-notch seminars and workshops to facilitate stimulating conversations around governance.

Nonprofit Academy.  The Nonprofit Institute has partnered with the City of San Diego to diversity the nonprofits with which the City contracts to broaden the reach of services to customers, as well as to strengthen the organizational capacity of nonprofit organizations with which the City contracts to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

RISE Urban Leadership Fellows Program.  The Nonprofit Institute has partnered with RISE to identify and nurture rising leaders ready to engage in meaningful community change work.  This program aims to build in fellows the confidence and suppleness that comes from self and structural awareness in conjunction with technical skills.


2016 State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Report 2016 Annual State of Nonprofits Report Executive Summary

This report describes the capacity, contributions and overall economic health and well-being of San Diego’s nonprofit and philanthropic sector. The report is a compilation of our quarterly State of Nonprofits Index and other nonprofit research, including a survey based on the perspectives of local nonprofit leaders. 


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10th Anniversary Video

Learn about the Nonprofit Institute from the people who first envisioned it. 

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We are proud to be a member of the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC). The NACC is a membership association comprised of academic centers or programs at accredited colleges and universities that focus on the study of nonprofit  organizations, voluntarism and/or philanthropy.

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