MEd Special Education Credential

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2017-2018, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on August 10, 2017. Access the catalog of record at

Master’s Credential Cohort: MEd in Special Education and Preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential with Mild to Moderate Authorization

First Year
Semester IHours
EDUC 540Introduction to the Nature of Language and Linguistic3
EDUC 575PInclusive Curricula for Learners 5-223
EDUC 583PMethods of Teaching Reading & Language Arts in Elementary3
EDUC 584CMethods of Teaching English Language and Academic Development in Crosscultural Contexts3
Semester IIHours
EDSP 570PAssessment Identification to Transition Special Education3
EDSP 575PEvidence Based Inclusive Practices Mild/Moderate 5-223
EDSP 589PHealthy Environments and Inclusive Education in a Global Society3
EDSP 591PMCC SPED Extended Practicum1
Second Year
Semester IHours
EDUC 557Action Research for MCC Candidates I3
EDSP 571PPositive Behavior and Instruction Management in SPED3
EDSP 590P1Student Teaching Mild to Moderate Disabilities1-7
EDSP 590S1Student Teaching Mild to Moderate Disabilities Seminar1
Semester IIHours
EDUC 558Action Research for MCC Candidates II1
EDSP 573PCollaboration with Families and Professionals3
EDSP 593SPracticum Seminar for Individual Induction Plan IIP2
EDUC 5XX Elective: Choose three units of Electives with Advisor Approval3

It is possible to obtain the preliminary Multiple Subject Credential in conjunction with the MEd Special Education Specialist Teaching Credential program described above with four additional courses to be completed during Summer 1 of the program and a 5th semester (additional fall semester).

Curriculum Additions for Multiple Subject Credential

First Year
EDUC 581CMulticultural and Philosophical Foundations of Education in a Global Society3
EDUC 582Psychological Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society3
Second Year
EDUC 590P2Student Teaching for Multiple Subject Credential Practicum1-9
EDUC 590S2Student Teaching for Multiple Subject Credential Seminar1-3

 EDSP 590P must be taken concurrently with EDSP 590S


 EDUC 590P must be taken concurrently with EDUC 590S

Grades of B- or better are required in all credential courses, including student teaching.

International Requirement

At SOLES, all masters and doctoral students participate in an international experience designed to support the growth of cultural competency. Our goal is to inform best practices in working with culturally diverse populations locally, nationally and globally.  International experiences are approved by each student's faculty advisor and can be credit based or non-credit based activities.