​​Masters in Education - Elementary Education Credential

Teach a child, change a community.

Become a life-changing teacher through the Master's Credential Cohort Program in Elementary Education. Bridging educational theory and in-classroom practice, you'll develop the skills, strategies and knowledge to flourish as an educator—and help students flourish too.

Faculty and students in this program share a commitment to teaching with an eye toward social justice and equity in education. Through student teaching in local underserved classrooms, you'll master the art of teaching in a multicultural setting. You'll step further beyond your everyday studies during a required international experience that broadens your perspective. And you'll gain the critical thinking and reflective practice to continue growing as an educator throughout your career.

Choose between two formats of study, an accelerated one-year program or a two-year program. Each includes two semesters of student teaching at two different grade levels, as well as a cohort-based curriculum that fosters collaboration and community. You'll graduate ready to be the teacher who makes a positive impact long after your students leave your classroom.

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Lara Angeles Meet SOLES Student Ambassador Lara Angeles

MEd student Lara Angeles says she hit the ground running. “We are literally in the classroom from day one. But we’re not just thrown to the sharks. We learn how to teach the curriculum and manage the classroom. These experiences have put me a step ahead.”

Learn more about Lara and other Student Ambassadors.

students studying together Student outcomes: changing lives across communities

SOLES MEd grads are in high demand—in fact, most years, 100 percent of them have job offers upon graduation. Program alumni are currently teaching in public, private and charter schools around California.

Get inspired, read our student outcomes.