Learning ​Outcomes

As a result of earning the Inclusive Education certificate, graduates are provided with a solid understanding and skill set to function as an even more effective teacher. You will gain the critical thinking and reflective practice to continue growing as an education throughout your career. We expect this certificate will empower you as an education and practitioner, poised to make significant contributions while you:

Identify and respond to complex problems

Develop critically reflective professional knowledge

Link awareness and responsiveness into your teaching methods toolkit

Job Title
5th grade teacher, Holladay Magnet School
3rd Grade Math and Science Teacher, Harmony Public Schools
San Marcos Unified School District
Teacher, Rancho San Diego Elementary School
Executive Director, Nerium International
Chemistry and Special Education Teacher, High Tech High Chula Vista
Teacher, Waggoner Road Junior High
Teacher, Special Education, Hawthorne Elementary
Art Teacher, Stuart Hall School for Boys
Teacher, Sinarmas World Academy