Education Minor

Change students' lives. Change communities' futures.

Add a Minor in Education to your field of study at SOLES and gain skills, insights and specialized practices that translate into potential to change the world. Through the program, you'll gain real-world knowledge about PK-12 schools, students and learning processes.

With a view into the impact of structural, linguistic, cultural and economic factors on student success and teaching practices, you'll find ways to support and utilize the education structures that shape our world.

Program Details

The education minor is an 18-unit program of study that includes a lower division introductory course, an educational foundations course and elective courses from the Department of Learning and Teaching and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The program has the flexibility to complement an individual's interest, major and professional goals.

Declare this minor if you want a career in education-related fields or would love to contribute to the educational community as a volunteer, researches, parent or community member. And if you're interested in a career as a teacher, consider our our Undergraduate Teaching Credentials and our programs for aspiring teachings if they plan to begin careers as teachers.

Minor curriculum. Major impact.

Learn ways to communicate your passion with the world through diverse coursework like Children and Media, Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence or Student Movements in Higher Education.

Explore the Minor in Education curriculum.