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Expand your impact as an educator—from the classroom to the community.

Here, becoming an educator means more than it does in the traditional sense. Those who earn a graduate degree in education are equipped to be catalysts for change in their communities and beyond. You will be the first teacher candidates in the United States to graduate from a Changemaker teacher preparation program. Our graduates are well prepared for a lifelong teaching career with emphasis on the many social-justice issues that come with teaching diverse populations.

You'll master the academic foundation and theory behind teaching and learning—and, through hands-on experience in our community's schools, you'll study inclusivity, personalized learning and leadership development. You'll develop strategies for differentiated learning as you work with students in local underserved populations and embark on an international experience that enriches your cross-cultural understanding. Along the way, an academic cohort environment helps our students learn from each other and build lasting relationships.

Our graduates emerge ready for employment—and are highly sought after by employers. Most graduates receive multiple job offers, providing a way to start making a difference immediately.

Is teaching in your future?

  • Ph.D. in Education for Social Justice
  • Double your Impact: General and Special Education Teacher Preparation starts Fall 2019

When we're recognized, it opens doors for you.

SOLES is currently ranked among the top 100 Graduate Education Programs in the nation by U.S. News and World Report—and its online Graduate Education Program ranks in the Top 50 nationally. What does this recognition mean to us? More opportunities for our graduates.
Matthew Becerra

Student Ambassador Spotlight

Meet SOLES Student Ambassador Matthew Becerra

Slated to graduate with his Secondary Education Credential in Spring of 2018, Matthew wants to transform his history lessons into training grounds for activists and advocates. "If my students walk away from my classroom having learned only one thing, it will be that they are active members of society who will stand up for those who cannot." 

Read more about our SOLES Student Ambassadors.

Jaclyn Krizovensky

Alumni Spotlight

SOLES Alumni spotlight: Meet Jaclyn Krizovensky

After graduating with her MEd in TESOL, Jaclyn is worked as an adjunct ESL instructor at Mesa Community College and Cuyamaca Community College, and an ESL instructor at Q International School. She is currently working at UCSD as a Lecturer in the Analytical Writing Program. Teaching at various locations has given her the opportunity to work with diverse populations of adult international students, including refugees. 

Learn about Jaclyn and our other SOLES alumni.

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