How We Do It

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Leaders must operate increasingly complex and uncertain environments. Conscious Leadership Academy (CLA) helps people develop their innate intuitive capacity for leadership through the integration of mind, body, and spirit, resulting in greater effectiveness.  A central premise of CLA is that individuals have the ability to deepen their own awareness as a way to better understand strengths, liabilities, and places where they and their organizations get stuck. CLA expands perspectives, helping participants develop new tools for the practice of effective leadership and integrate the many dimensions of culture and community.


  1.  We help leaders shift patterns and norms that impede effective leadership so they can move into strategies that generate positive outcomes. 
  2.  We help leaders connect diverse and expanded experiences and perspectives to the larger work of leadership.
  3.  We help leaders learn to establish and maintain effective boundaries.
  4.  We help leaders clearly define purpose and task to prevent organizational defragmentation.
  5.  We help leaders learn to foster positive and connected relationships, and effectively manage interpersonal conflict and tensions in order to maximize the full potential of the people they work with.
  6.  We use experiential learning activities to help deepen the learning and sharpen the skills.
  7.  We train leaders to get comfortable with the uncomfortable so they are better equipped to deal with the uncertainty and complexity of the challenges they face.