Cultivate Conscious Kids

Our Grow Great Girls and Build the Best Boys programs are designed to build personal confidence, self-esteem, and social capacity.

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Why attend a Cultivate Conscious Kids Program?

  • - Navigate a challenging world as your best and strongest self
  • - Discover what you value and stand for
  • - Develop the courage to speak up for what you believe
  • - Learn to navigate challenging friendships and relationships
  • - Learn how to create boundaries to keep yourself emotionally and physically safe
  • - Strengthen the bond between moms and their children in the critical middle school and teenage years
  • - Develop the ability to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations
  • - Explore the impact of social media

Did you know?

  • - By middle school, girls are 25% less likely to say they like taking the lead
  • - Boys are 30% more likely than girls to flunk or drop out of school
  • - 74% of girls say they are under pressure to please everyone else
  • - Close to 1 in 4 eating disorders occur in males
  • - 1 in 4 girls today fall into clinical diagnosis - depression, eating disorders, cutting, emotional disorders, and 2 in 4 report being anxious, sleep deprived and under significant stress
  • - By age 17, 13% of boys and 36% of girls have been or are depressed
  • - 51% of girls say they experience stereotypes that limit their right to express themselves with originality and strength
  • - Nearly 18% of adolescent boys are concerned with body image
  • - 3% of Fortune 500 CEO's are women
  • - 18% of both girls and boys report being bullied 2-3 times a month or more
  • - 1 in 3 girls does not feel that she has the "opportunity for open discussion in her classes"
  • - By age 14, just under 30% of boys will talk to their peers about bullying 

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"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." ~ Alice Walker
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  • - Kids need to be taught it's okay to stand up for what they value. 
  • - Kids can learn to access the courage to speak up for what they believe.
  • - The mother-child bond can be strengthened to promote open communication and positive modeling and mentorship. 
  • - Girls and boys need to develop the ability to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations. 
  • - Learning how to navigate challenging friendships and relationship is a life-long skill. 


  • - Build leadership capacity in girls and boys by helping them access their authentic voice and inner courage. 
  • - Develop the skills necessary for effective leadership.
  • - Strengthen girls' and boys' sense of self and confidence.
  • - Address issues of gender, race, and class in a way that allows for courageous conversations and collaborative connections.