Leadership Studies

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Transform the way you work, communicate and live. Each program within the Department of Leadership Studies gives students the skills, theory and hands-on practice to lead change in organizations and communities for the better.

Explore degree programs that work across disciplines to teach listening skills, introspection, communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking and working through feedback. Take courses in Leadership and Ethics, Volunteer Engagement, Social Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit Finance and Human Relations for Leaders. Working with seasoned faculty who are both academics and practitioners, you'll gain insights on managing a group dynamic, engaging in meaningful dialogue, advocating effectively and collaborating with people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

These programs serve as launchpads for professionals seeking deeper impact as leaders and advocates. Learn to affect change within your professional or academic realm, and pursue specialized, cause-based leadership in the areas you're most passionate about.

andrea medina


Meet Student Ambassador Andrea Medina

When she completes her MA in Leadership Studies, Andrea hopes to create, implement and facilitate public speaking and leadership development programs and workshops for high school and undergraduate students. "There is so much power in communication. Learning to use one’s voice, environment, and entire self to communicate effectively is an empowering process, but is often overlooked in traditional classroom settings."

Learn about Andrea and our other SOLES Student Ambassadors.

Financial aid to make your SOLES education happen

A number of merit-based, memorial, and diversity scholarships are available to help our students pursue the program they're passionate about. If you want to make a difference in yourself and in the world at large, we share that goal and will help you invest in it. 

See our scholarships page and let's start working together.

SOLES' Nonprofit Institute: countless ways to make a difference

SOLES Leadership students have the opportunity to work with our Nonprofit Institute, an inspiring organization that empowers leaders and citizens to affect positive change in their communities. Their signature programs include Climate Education Partners, Nonprofit Training and Consulting and Conscious Leadership Academy.

Learn how you can get involved and build your skills as well as your impact.

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