Core Initiatives

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Open Eduction Innovation Platform (OEIP)

In Fall 2017, The Jacobs Institute launched the Open Education Innovation Platform (OEIP) to facilitate the development of an open source ecosystem of stakeholders that builds and sustain a non-proprietary core platform and integrates with vertical and horizontal modules to provide a more customizable software application. The core platform will serve as the hub and include all basic feature sets included within a traditional learning management system. This vision will both foster the initial development, sustainability and continuous growth of an open ecosystem that consists of developers, policy makers, teachers, students, parents and school administrators. OEIP will provide the education community with access to open and free learning management core platform. The OEIP platform will be developed from code technology assets received from Qualcomm, Inc.

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VR / AR Lab

We are pleased to participate in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) and EDUCASE “Building the Campus of the Future: 3D Technologies in Academe” program. HP and EDUCAUSE has provided the Jacobs Institute at USD with a set of 3D technologies based on use for K12 Education, and is open to all USD students, faculty and staff as well as to the general public by appointment. 3D technologies, which include virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing, hold the potential to improve instruction, research, and campus life at colleges and universities around the world. This project seeks to identify the modalities that hold the greatest potential to result in improvements in learning and research outcomes, as well as enhancements of student engagement, faculty satisfaction and other qualitative metrics.

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The RISE Urban Principal Preparation Program (RISE UPP) will directly respond to the current local urban school leadership vacuum through the development of a principal pipeline program for African American and Latino candidates. RISE UPP is a collaboration between RISE San Diego, who specialize in urban leadership using the Harvard-developed Adaptive Leadership model, and the Jacobs Institute to: 1) identify and recruit future school leaders early in their education careers, 2) develop mentorships and peer-based communities of practice to nurture future leaders, 3) provide intensive training and support around instructional and systems change leadership work, 4) engage in facilitated virtual and on-site visits to a range of different models of innovation and excellence in urban schooling regionally and nationally, and 5) support and mentor candidates through principal placement and leadership transitions.