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Morning Session

8:00 am Registration and Continental Breakfast, Sala

9:00 am OPENING PLENARY, Executive Classroom

• Welcome Address
• Presentation of the research findings from the Delphi study
• Overview of the Conference: Toward Shared Next Steps

9:30 am Briefings/Advances in Mobile Learning Across Sectors, Breakout Sessions (Rooms 131, 133, 135)

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Innovation Lab I, Reading Room

This session will begin by creating 4-6 groups that represent a cross-section of conference participants.
The task of this session will focus on generating new ideas related to three key questions:

1. What are the strategies that can turn challenges into innovation in mobile learning within and across sectors: K-12, Higher Education,and Business?
2. What is emerging as the best practices in mobile learning in three sectors?
3. What are the opportunities for collaboration between sectors on at least two of the ideas generated. 

Afternoon Session

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Innovation Lab II, Reading Room

This session will begin with a review of the ideas set as priorities in Innovation Lab I. Participants will begin in the same groups they were in during the morning session. The design of this session is the co-creation, cross-fertilization and integration of ideas with the focus on next step solutions.

Each group will be given approximately 30 minutes to develop a specific prototype for a next step solution.

2:00 pm Round Two

Using a Charette model, a second round will be held where each group cross-fertilizes with the other groups. At least two participants (preferably from different sectors) remain with the original group to present the prototype to colleagues from other working groups. Ideally, each group in the second round will have at least two participants from each of the other tables. This new configuration works together to enhance the prototypes.

3:00 pm Round Three

Orignail teams regroup and work together to revise and prepare for presentation.

3:30 pm Break

3:45 pm Prototype Presentations, Executive Classroom

Participants will present their prototypes. Each presentation must meet designated criteria for an action plan for steps to be taken in the next six months. Plans must have a start date, include all sectors, and identify resources that will be needed to deliver the prototype.

Solutions must also meet the test of being SMART:

S—Specific and Sustainable
M—Measurable and Meaningful
A—Achievable and Applicable
R—Realistic and Robust
T—Timely (Time-bound/Timeline) and Transformative

4:45 pm Closing Plenary, Executive Classroom

• Review of Themes from the Solutions
• Commitment of MTLC to continue convening function
• Means of monitoring progress on the solutions

5:00 –6:00 pm Reception