Tech 360°

The integration of technology into K-12 learning environments has gained momentum in recent years. Across the nation, millions of dollars are being spent to put technology devices into the hands of students and teachers with the goal of transforming educational environments and experiences.  Research indicates that the use of technology can support transformations in learning; however, this requires more than just the purchase of technology devices. Our research team has found that the effectiveness of technology integrations is strongly affected by a series of readiness factors, as seen in the following graphic:

MTLC Teh 360 Readiness Factors 

MTLC works from the premise that schools and districts must address these factors in a manner in which they become supports rather than barriers in order to integrate technology effectively.  The MTLC Tech 360°, a mixed-methods research process, provides schools and districts with specific information about the contextual readiness factors that either support or challenge the readiness of educational stakeholders for the effective integration of technology at their sites.  This information, in turn, enables district and individual school leadership teams to make evidence-based decisions in order to address readiness barriers, build the capacities of stakeholders, and to prepare for the effective integration of technology and the transformation of learning environments at their schools.