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*School names are pseudonyms 
SD Tech Assesment

San Diego County Technology Needs Assessment
The purpose of this study was to develop a greater understanding of the way school districts were using technology, as well as gather information about their technology needs, challenges, and future plans.


Mobile Technology in K6 Schools - SB Mobile Technology in K-6 Schools
This report details the findings of a 2012-13 study of a K-6 School District's 21st Century Learning Initiative. The program, an expansion of a well-received 2011-12 pilot, seeks to foster 21st century learning characterized by the 4C’s (critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration) and facilitated by mobile technology. The report details a series of findings related to district vision, technology styles of leaders, technology integration in classrooms, and evidence of 21st century learning.
SD Tech Assesment Teaching with Mobile Devices
MTLC researchers were commissioned to conduct case studies of five elementary school teachers in a K-8 School District who utilized either an iPod Touch or iPad as part of their classroom instruction.  This report details three main findings.
Teacher Readiness for 21st Century Learning report cover Teacher Readiness for 21st Century Learning and Technology Models
Conducted during the 2012-2013 school year, this study assisted K-12 Unified School District administrators in assessing teacher readiness for technology integration. This report helped to inform the district’s professional development strategy and the implementation of their 2013-2014 Technology Plan.
Using iPads for Instruction report cover - EUSD

Using iPads for Instruction
This multi-case study explored the use of mobile devices in a one-to-one initiative in a K-6 School District. The findings from the report informed all district stakeholders on how teaching and learning was being affected by the technology and brought to light the various pedagogical practices that were being used in the classroom.  


Free Speech and Privacy Dimensions of Student Misuse of Their Own Electronic Communication Devices (ECD) in Elementary and Secondary Schools 
The purpose of this report is to help school personnel in California and other states understand the issues involved in student misuse of their personally owned ECDs, and to help those administrators prepare policies and discipline rules accordingly.