Current Projects

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Research Projects

Digital Promise Optimizing Technology for Learning (Nationwide)

In partnership with Digital Promise, the Pearson Foundation, and the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, MTLC researchers participated in a national study to examine the use of technology in K-12 settings.  Various technology integration options were looked at across the nation including 1:1 devices, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), blended learning, flipped classrooms and virtual learning environments. The purpose of the study was to identify promising instructional strategies using technology and best practices in technology integration. View research product from this partnership. 

Texas One-to-One Evaluation

MTLC researchers have completed a three-year evaluation of a large, urban school district in Texas' one-to-one technology program that began in the fall of 2013. The purpose of the evaluation was to develop a greater understanding of how to use technology to engage students and improve student achievement. The evaluation monitored the program’s implementation, track changes in instruction, assessed the short-term outcomes of teaching and learning and examined the sustainability of the program.

San Diego County School Districts Technology Needs Assessment

MTLC conducted a technology needs assessment of K-12 school districts in San Diego County.

Technology Review for a Public School District in the Northeast

MTLC has partnered with a school district in the Northeast to conduct a technology review in preparation for the integration of technology. This study will work to ‘map’ the quantity and quality of current technology devices, infrastructure and other technology resources in the district. As a part of the review, MTLC researchers will study teachers’ current use of technology, professional development needs, and the space design of classrooms for the use of technology.  

Digital Transformation in Public School District in the Southwest

MTLC researchers conducted two simultaneous studies in a school district the southwest. The first study evaluated the implementation of a technology initiative. The second study focused on the evolution of the district’s leadership over a two-year time span.  

Southern California STEM Evaluation

MTLC is evaluating the implementation of a STEM grant awarded to a school district in Southern California.  Evaluation of the project follows an outcomes measurement strategy utilizing the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. MTLC researchers are working closely with the district’s staff to ensure compliance with the evaluation goals to provide feedback regarding the success of the implementation of the grant as well as providing recommendations for programmatic revisions as necessary.  

Professional Learning Projects

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El Paso Independent School District

MTLC’s professional learning team is working with the district's leadership and teachers on the successful implementation of their Power Up initiative.

Oceanside Professional Learning

MTLC’s professional learning team is providing professional development to district and site administrators to enhance utilization of mobile technology in the K-12 environment and to implement Common Core State Standards. MTLC will also assign coaches to support teachers and provide additional staff support and resources.  

Pasadena Unified School District Professional Learning

The Jacobs Institute (JI) has partnered with Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) to support the district’s digital transformation throughout the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. Completing a 360 Needs Assessment in May of 2016 to deeply understand the strengths and needs within the District, the results of this assessment allowed Jacobs Institute LPL Specialists to design a personalized scope of work that is focused on supporting pedagogical shifts in learning and teaching with powerful integration of technology.  The JI has additionally worked with the district’s executive leadership to design and implement systems and structures for competency-based professional learning.  Further, the JI and PUSD share a common goal of striving for continuous improvement using the Improvement Science model of “Plan, Do, Study, Act.”  During the 16-17 school year, PUSD will launch pilot Improvement Science groups in collaboration with the JI.  These groups will be comprised of teacher-leaders who will develop and test their ideas for improving technology integration at their sites.  Our work is driven by the goal of equipping educators with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to create optimal learning experiences for students in PUSD.  

Santee Unified School District Professional Learning

MTLC engaged district leadership team to implement an expanded mobile technology learning approach. MTLC assisted in plan implementation for effective use of mobile technology in schools. MTLC built continued and ongoing capacity within the district.

South Bay Union School District  

MTLC is partnering with South Bay Union School District to support their rollout of new devices in their transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, first, and second-grade classrooms.  The partnership will also focus on enhancing and maximizing the use of the existing 1:1 devices in the District’s 3rd through 8th-grade classrooms. MTLC completed a 360 Needs Assessment to understand the strengths and needs regarding teaching and learning as well as technology integration.  From this assessment, MTLC LPL Specialists designed a personalized scope of work focusing on supporting pedagogical shifts in learning and teaching with powerful integration of technology. Additionally, MTLC is working with the district’s executive leadership team to design and implement systems and structures for competency-based professional learning.