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CEPAL announces the  STEM Next initiative.  

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STEM Next is a national field building leader in increasing opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning for youth across communities both in and out of school.


The mission of CEPAL is to understand the complex system of K-16 education and to advance strategic pathways that lead to better student outcomes.  Through an integrated approach to research, policy, and practice, the center focuses on policies and law that impact education:

Policy and Law.  There is a need for educators to understand the driving forces behind education policy and for policy makers to understand how schools and colleges operate.  We undertake commissioned empirical and legal research on education policy at the local, state, and federal levels as well as host forums and provide strategic direction to enhance communication between education leaders and state-level policy makers.  Also, through courses, internships and research opportunities, the Center facilitates understanding among USD law students and education graduate students about the policymaking process.


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