Academic Departments

Leadership Studies

Professionals who seek to make a greater impact in their fields, and their lives, can learn to make that vision a reality at the Department of Leadership Studies. Focused on contemporary leadership challenges, Leadership Studies at USD is a transformative experience in an individual’s ability to discern emerging needs and trends.

The experience is enriched as participants in a variety of professional disciplines engage in research and scholarship, and then practice hands-on in real world environments. The result is a personal transformation that creates an effective agent of change with a unique global perspective.

Learning and Teaching

The Department of Learning and Teaching offers credentials, certificates and degree programs for educators at every stage of their careers. Our programs are designed to prepare students to address the needs of the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-racial students of all ages.

Our goal is to create an academically rich environment, to engage our students in contemporary and innovative research-based practices and to develop teacher leaders who embrace a global perspective guided by our mission of addressing the needs of all learners in a culture of care.

School, Family & Mental Health Professions

The Department of School, Family and Mental Health Professions offers graduate programs designed to prepare caring, ethical, and cross-culturally competent professionals in the fields of counseling and marital and family therapy. Our programs blend cutting edge curricula with carefully chosen practicum sites through San Diego, representing a broad range of client populations and presenting issues. We share a commitment to putting our knowledge into action locally, nationally and globally to serve diverse and underserved populations.

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