Resources for ​International Visiting Scholars

The SOLES Global Center is pleased to welcome to campus international visiting scholars for varying short studies and semester-long programs.

The visiting scholar program typically runs during the fall (late August to December) or spring (late January to May) semester. Visiting international scholars carry out their research on our beautiful campus and in our resourceful library. They also typically hold office hours in our building, share their research with our faculty and students and make themselves available to serve as guest lecturers.

This is not a paid position, but we offer the above mentioned support during the scholar's stay and serve as their host for visa purposes. Join us!


The visiting scholar program is open to faculty and scholars who have a PhD in one of the subject areas taught at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences. Invitations to apply for the visiting scholarship program are extended to prospective visiting scholars who have already identified a member of our faculty who has accepted to be a sponsor. A sponsor and prospective candidate specific establish specific and measurable teaching and/or research goals they will collaborate on during the proposed period of the program.

Application Procedure

Once a potential partnership is established with a faculty member in our school, the faculty member will nominate you as a candidate for our visiting scholar program. An application packet will be sent to you requesting for biographical information, curriculum vitae, and expected outcomes for the visiting scholarship. Application materials, which may include an aural interview, are then reviewed by the SOLES Global Center Committee.

Candidates who are approved for our visiting scholar program receive a formal invitation to begin the visa application process.

Fulbright Scholar Opportunities for Non-US Citizens

The school welcomes Fulbright Scholars. The Fulbright Scholar Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State. Every year, faculty and professionals from around the world receive Fulbright Scholar grants for advanced research and university lecturing in the United States. Some prospective visiting scholars may wish to explore the Fulbright Scholar Program as an optional source of funding.