South Africa

EDUC 589P: Healthy Environments and Inclusive Education in a Global Society

This course provides candidates with an opportunity to learn more about local and global perspectives on educating diverse learners. We will emphasize the cultural and linguistic diversity of Black South Africa and the challenges of educating this broad group of students including a strong emphasis on the history of South African R-12 schooling with specific attention to racial stratification and segregation. We will begin to answer the question: How do you educate all children equally in multiracial, multicultural, multilingual societies? A comparative overview of American and South African education systems and cultural norms using readings, lectures, digital media, critical reflections, discussions, and experiential activities such as working with cultural liaisons. Students will be asked to complete a ChangeMaker project in collaboration with South African educators from universities and schools in Johannesburg. Additionally, students will attend and present at the DISES conference in Cape Town and local community event in California. 

Important Dates Date
Application Opens October 20, 2017 Apply Now
Travel Dates Jun 28 - Jul 7, 2018
Pre-Trip Session: Apr 1, May 1, Jun 1, 2018
Post-session Jul 10, 2018
Expense Cost
USD Tuition $2,250
Global Study Fee $   350
Estimated Travel Costs $1,200*
Total Estimated Expense: $3,800

* Airfare not included


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